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Body Language Tricks

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Forget what you have heard about making strong eye contact says communication and language expert Dr. Lillian Glass. It's too intimidating, she says.

Follow here eight body language tips to be a more effective leader:
1. Have good posture .. shoulders back! Pretend a string is holding your head up.
2, Face your feet toward the person you're talking to. It indicates you're connecting.
3. Look at a person's entire face not just the eyes. Spend one second on the eyes, nose, mouth and whole face.
4. Use your hands. Great leaders gesture
5. Plant your feet on the ground .. don't fidget
6. Speak using your abs not your throat. This will help you sound more confident.
7. Use inflections when you speak. You'll sound less bored
8. Make sure what you say has a beginning, middle and an end.

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