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Running Cures Depression...

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Feeling helpless and hopeless?
Did your sleeping pattern change?
Do you easily get angry or irritable?
Easily cries?
Does your appetite change, loss weight or gain?
Felt Isolated?
Has reckless behavior?
Then that might be a sign of depression.
Depression is when one is experiencing intense sadness--including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless. Depression can be different for everyone, psychological professionals agree.

Recent study shows that running is a powerful anti-depressant. Many studies have shown that running or other types of endurance exercise are just as good as if not better than anti-depressant medication, without the negative side effects.

"I went on a riff about running and the effect that it's had on my intelligence, mental health and depression.Tim Van Orden speaks st Arnold's Way in Lansdale, PA. Watch short video clip below.

Recently JIm Morelli from CNN have reported, please watch video clip:




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