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From Convicted Felon to Tech CEO

Posted by Arthur Peter on

From Convicted Felon to Tech CEO


I went from convict to CEO .. learned a powerful lesson after accidentally killing his father in a car crash .. Coughlan had been drinking .. "One of the best freedoms we have in life is we have the ability to make choices and those choices ultimately define who you are today." ...

Jay Coughlan was 38 when it happened .. he was a vice president at Lawson Software and on track to become its CEO .. but the accident and conviction put those plans on hold .. Coughlan had to serve one month in jail .. five months under house arrest .. and 10 years of probation .. more than a decade at Lawson, the company allowed him to return.

Where he continued moving up .. eventually Coughlan made it to CEO .. before the accident, it was all about work, work, work .. after the accident it became the understanding of .. hey my family is important, my faith's important ... my friends are important ..

He resigned as CEO in 2005 .. and now serves as a leadership coach and organizational consultant .. he shares these lessons to others at a CROSSROADS TO LIFE: DECIDE HOW YOU WANT TO BE DEFINED ... who do you wanna be .. who do wanna be known for .. goal setting is extremely important .. it forces to make decision about what is important .. some people are stuck .. you don't have to be stuck ..

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