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Get a Mentor - Get a Coach - Importance of mentorship

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Get a Mentor - Get a Coach - Importance of mentorship

Many people tell me ..

“I don't need a mentor, I can do it myself.”

That is correct. If you want to stay where you are! Which is about 95% of the people. However, if you want to move on in life or go faster you have to be willing to be trained and coached by people who have gone before you and got more experience.

For example:
Just imagine you didn't have parents who taught you how to walk, talk, dress and daily routines like brush your teeth. If you had to learn all these things on your own .. do you think you would be in the place you are right now or would you still be learning basic things like .. how to talk? Would you still have teeth? Just think about how much time your parents saved you because they taught you all these basic things that you take for granted.

Mentoring is a powerful personal and career development tool that can enable the mentee to achieve or exceed their life's goals and aspirations. ... Depending upon the mentee's needs … a mentor: Shares knowledge and life experiences. Provides guidance and advice.

Mentees can expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from a more experienced person, and build their professional networks.

What maybe took the mentor 10-20 years to learn, you can apply within 1 year. This means your progress will be much faster and it will save you lots of time.





Benefits of having a Mentor

1. You have a friend (3rd party)
2. You’ll make more money (mentors protect)
3. You’ll become a better person (mentors challenge)
4. You will have more energy and excitement
(mentors motivate)
5. You’ll keep on learning (mentors coach)

The minimum amount of time the relationship often last is 6 months but there is no maximum. Some mentoring relationships last a lifetime depending on the willingness of the two parties.

The mentoring connection may last for only a short time if the mentee's need is to reach a specific goal.

My advice would be for every person .. get a mentor in the area you are struggling or where you need to grow more ..

For example if you are struggling with overweight .. find somebody who is slim and seem to have no problems with overweight. Preferable somebody who is older and has been struggling with the same issue but found a solution to have victory in their life.

If you need somebody to help you in your business .. get a mentor that has experience in the area of business .. don't go to a college professor .. they don't know anything about business .. somebody that has had their own business and got a lot of experience in that area.

It is possible to have several mentors at the same time, however, I would advice you to keep it to 1-2 mentors at a time.

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