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Heavy As Lead: From 300lbs to Running the Leadville 100 Miles - πŸ˜ƒ THANKS FOR WATCHING πŸ‘

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Heavy As Lead: From 300lbs to Running the Leadville 100 Miles - πŸ˜ƒ THANKS FOR WATCHING πŸ‘


Heavy as Lead is the story of Jason Cohen, who went from 300lbs to just a short 7 years later found himself running the Leadville Trail 100.

Jason, at the age of 27, found himself looking at the number 297 on his bathroom scale. Jason resolved to never let that number touch 300 and has since lost over 120 pounds. His incredible journey has taken him through his battle with obesity and took him to the starting line of the Leadville Trail 100 Race on August 18th, 2018. This film documents Jason's story of losing the weight, becoming an athlete, and running the Leadville 100.

Jason was given the idea to tell his story by his good friend, Mark LeBlanc, who realized that Jason's story needed to be told to the world. Mark is co-creating Heavy as Lead with Jason and is the person behind the camera for much of the film.

More information and contact information can be found at Instagram - @jason_cohen

Produced, Directed, Filmed, & Edited - Mark LeBlanc & Jason Cohen Aerial Cinematography - Mark LeBlanc, Dane Christensen, Jamie Orillion, Jason Cohen Additional Footage - Jamie Orillion, Chase Smith, Elizabeth LeBlanc, Isaac Cook, Carolyn Gray Colorist - Chase Smith Sound Mixer - Josh Baggenstoss Sound Supervisor - Jason Camiolo

Special thanks to these brands for helping me along this journey - Arc"Teryx - Altra - Normatec - Compex - Rudy Project - Rumble Roller - Skratch - Path Projects - Leki - Health Warrior Superfoods - Huma Chia Energy Gel - Passenger Coffee - Thinksport - Helinox - Sitka - Hydrapak


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