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How to build a succesful company

Posted by Arthur Peter on

How to build a successful company

Look at yourself in the mirror. To see what you are NOT! I know it's paradoxical. But you have to think, "What am I NOT?"
This google backed, 8 time founder, Martin Varsavsky, says this process helped him build multiple billion dollar companies.
Recognizing the talents of others. What's missing? What is it that I don't have? What is it that my company doesn't have? For example .. what am I not! .. I am not organized .. so I am going to find myself an organizer ... I am not methodic .. so I am going to myself a methodical person .. so I am not patient .. so I am going to find myself a patient person .. if you think of the CEO's who accompanied in my life for maybe six years .. they were organized, methodical, patient, consistent .. which than leads to delegation .. without them I would never have build, what I build. They are amazing people who went on to be CEO's themselves .. so you have to have an idea .. build a team .. and the team has to be made of whatever you are not ...

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