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Give this guy seven days and he can run 155 miles through the Gobi desert
Dion Leonard competes in ultra marathons.
What started as a bet with friends to see who was faster turned into a lifelong journey of perseverance.

Here are his tips for building your mental toughness to overcome any obstacle:
1. Harness what motivates you .. "I like proving people wrong"  ... Leonard says he uses a lot of negativity from his childhood and channels it into positivity while running.
2. Set Achievable goals .. Leonard didn't believe he could finish his first ultra marathon, but by breaking the race into shorter, daily challenges he was able to make steady progress. The only way to get through the race is to run to the finish line each day.
3. Surround yourself with those who will support you .. there were times when Leonard tried to back out of a race, but his wife made him stick to it. Then there is Gobi .. a stray dog that ran alongside Leonard during an ultra marathon .. Leonard says without her nipping as his heels he would not have finished.
4. Having positive people around you is an important principle. With them you can do whatever you want to achieve in life

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