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Memorize anything you like with this simple trick

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Memorize anything you like with this simple trick

29.84 seconds that is how long it takes Nelson Dellis to memorize one of playing cards. Give him an hour and he can memorize 20 decks. This four time USA memory champion says the technique to sharpen your memory is simple. All you have to do is build your own memory palace.
It could be your apartment, your house or your workplace. Anything that you really know well. That you can navigate in your mind's eye. Dellis uses the example of memorizing a grocery list. You imagine those pieces of your grocery list along a path through that place. Now it is up to you what to do with those images that you are going to put in place. The crazier the pictures, the easier they are to memorize. Try to make them as silly as possible.
Dellis lived most of his life with an average memory but after his grandmother died in 2009 with alzheimer's disease he committed to train his memory as a way to keep his mind strong. Mental fitness shouldn't be overlooked. Your brain is a part of your body, it runs everything else.


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