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New Middle Class .. being a millionaire

Posted by Arthur Peter on


When you get to a million dollars you're like, "Oh, that's nothing." It wasn't a celebration .. it was a realization that's no money .. Millionaire is the new middle class. Millionaire status today is the middle class of the 1960's. When you got a million dollars today you are going to realize that you got about 4-5 years money. Some of you think I can live on that forever. You are wrong .. You just have done the math yet .. When you start making it .. you'll want to start making more. It is not about greed. It is about help. Because all of a sudden you realize .. oh I can help my church .. I can help the local school .. I can help my kids more .. I can help my mom now. It requires you to do things that are uncomfortable. It requires you to meet people who you don't feel like meeting. It requires you to go into environments that are unfamiliar. You have to extrovert even when you feel like introverting. I say go get rich. Go and help a bunch of people and when you get rich? Go get richer!

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