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Path to Success

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Path to Success

Several of the richest people mentioned regularly to make it a priority to invest in yourself before you go after your purpose and goal in life.

Just to keep it simple I am only going to handle 3 areas you need to work on when it comes to investing in yourself.

Every person exist out of the following 3 areas

Body, Soul & Spirit

If you keep all 3 areas in balance you will be able to enjoy more happiness which leads to:




Discipline your body in the following areas:

Food – eat healthy food, limit any intake of fast food, sugar or processed food.
Exercise – have at least 3x a week cardio exercise

If your body feels good it is much easier to perform well when it comes to work and daily life



Your soul (who you are as a person) exist out of will, emotion and mind.

Train your mind – study, books, videos, audio
Train your will (often physical exercise is good)
Learn to Control your emotions
                (again physical exercise is good)



Develop your spiritual being .. doing regular prayer and meditation is a very good way to develop this area.


Keep all 3 areas in balance and work on them regularly …




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