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Adam Cheyer .. co-founder of Siri
4 things you need to make a start up successful:

1. Right Idea .. it need to be big enough .. ambitious .. it needs to have a market
2. Right co-founders .. you cannot do it all by yourself .. you really need different skills sets .. you need the visionary ..Β  you need a marketeer who can communicate the idea to the world .. to investors .. why is this vision important? You need someone who can translate that into a roadmap .. a product person .. and you need someone who can execute that vision .. it is rare as a founder you can do all four ..
3. Other people's money ... you need to be able to sell your idea to the world
4. Execution .. Steve Jobs used to say "He is more proud of the things he said no to than the things he said yes to." That to me is about execution. It is not just an idea .. you really need to work through these things .. to get to success.

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