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Things to give up if you want to become millionaire

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Things to give up if you want to become millionaire

Becoming a millionaire is not easy. It means making a lot of sacrifices. Here are things you should expect to give up if you want to be rich according to Steve Siebold author of "How Rich people think".
- They give up steady paycheck. Most people get paid a steady salary. Rich people get paid based on results and are often self employed.
- They give up focusing on savings. Energy spent focusing on savings can lead to missed opportunities. Millionaires spend mental energy on making more money.
- They give up entertainment. Rich people would rather be educated than entertained. Millionaires appreciate the power of learning long after college.
- They give up comfort.
- Rich people tend to embrace uncertainty. Embracing risks is important in wealth building.
- They don't have low expectations. Ambitious goals and look for ways to knock them out.

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