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Where American's Waste the most money

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Where American's Waste the most money

- #1 ... American's waste money on is eating out. According to Hloom's United States of financial waste survey this is the case for Baby Boomers, Gen. X and Millennials.
- #2 ... Uneaten or expired foods also rank high on the list. They rank as the 2nd thing Americans spend the most money on and Gen. X and Millennials and 3rd for Baby Boomers.
- #3 .. Millennials waste more money on alcohol than Baby Boomers. 27% of Millennials waste money on alcohol while only 13% of Baby Boomers waste money on drinking.
- #4 .. Millennials also spend more money on entertainment. Whereas entertainment does not rank on the money waster list for Gen. X and Baby Boomers.

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