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Running, a magic pill

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Have you ever gone for a run after a rough day at work or before going to work? or run before facing some stressful things ahead?


Running is a popular form of physical activity. It is an appealing exercise because it doesn't cost a lot to take part and you can run at anytime that suits you.

Everything you know about exercise is wrong we usually associate exercise with losing weight for example but that was a big misconception infact exercise is the least productive way to loose weight so if your thinking to loose weight exercise should be the last in your list.

The exercise is more effect in your brain than other parts of your body exercise turns to be a secret recipe to boosts your motivation, focus and memory, its like a magic pill that instantly boost your brain capability, than any zoologist

 Watch video below to know how it affects brains:

Hear from the expert on what they say about running:



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