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Why the Little Red Wagon is still going strong

Posted by Arthur Peter on

Why the Little Red Wagon is still going strong

The little red wagon is 100 years old and its company Radio Flyer is one of the last independent family owned toy makers in the US.
So my grandfather started the company 100 years ago. He mad a little wooden wagon to haul tools around in the shop and he called the first wagon the "Liberty Coaster" because the first thing he saw when he cam to America was the Statue of Liberty.
Renamed Radio Flywer in 1987. Today, its revenue exceeds $100 million and its classic red wagon is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.
Red Flyer's CEO Robert Pasin, grandson of the company's founder shares this advice to other dads on how to be a leader in business and in life.
My grandfather was just a very respectful, kind, honest person and that is how he raised my dad. That is how my dad raised me. Growing up with my dad and working with him in the business. I would just see how he treated people. You're treating everyone with whom you work with respect and kindness and if you do those things really well. It takes care of a lot of other things. I think it all starts with values. Maybe more than kind of the business part of things.
Finally demonstrate passion .. if the people running the business are really passionate about it. That's infectious!

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