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Working too hard is not the cause of burnout

Posted by Arthur Peter on


Before you take a vacation or personal day .. to deal with your burnout ... consider this: You are not going to burn out because you work too hard. No person on planet earth died because they overworked. People burn for one reason, because they are off purpose. No other reason. You are not getting tired when you are having fun. You are winning .. you don't get tired .. When you are scoring .. you don't get tired . the game can go on forever. But when you are not winning, you are not scoring and it doesn't matter .. then you get exhausted .. how are you going to change your condition of life .. so that every 52 Monday's a year you are going to be more excited than the ones before it .. that is about purpose . that is about potential .. that is about what is it you are here to do .. You are just here to have a job .. you are going to get burned out .. even working 30 hours a week .. take it to 28 hours per week .. you are going to burnout .. I know people that don't work . get burned out .. people that are retired are burned out .. people that play golf three times a week .. get burned out .. You have to find that rich part in you ... the reason you are here .. go down .. hunt it down and bring it into focus ..

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