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PAPERBACK - 28 Days to a Motivated Team: A Step-by-Step Guide for Accelerating


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PAPERBACK - 28 Days to a Motivated Team: A Step-by-Step Guide for Accelerating

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28 Days to a Motivated Team: A Step-by-Step Guide for Accelerating Motivation and Engagement

Author: Jason E. Jones Ph.D.

ISBN: 098947190X

Number Of Pages: 224

Publisher: LeaderPath LLC

Details: You can learn to significantly increase employee motivation and engagement in only a few weeks. Great leaders are motivators and understand the dynamics of teams. They know how to motivate individuals and have mastered the skill of motivating teams as a group of people leading to superior team performance, chemistry, and success. Written for busy managers and drawing on the latest research, 28 Days to a Motivated Team provides leaders with a step-by-step guide for increasing both individual and team motivation. Throughout the 4-week period, managers are led on a journey of discovery, self-reflection and environment creation that jump-starts team motivation. Managers who are able to help employees increase employee motivation also increase employee engagement leading. While a manager cannot directly instill motivation in a person, 28 Days to a Motivated Team will help you better understand how each employee's natural motivation and drive can be unleashed, creating greater satisfaction and vitality in work and life. Utilizing the most contemporary motivation science available, Jones shares the key factors that set the stage for the ultimate state of mind, motivation. Motivation doesn't happen by accident, it is a process of intentional behaviors on the part of the manager that creates an environment that supports the natural motivation that each person already has within them. Readers will learn: -What really motivates people in a team environment -The 4 motivation styles used over the past 5000 years -The 3 questions that determines team motivation -The 5 proven factors that support or hinder individual and team motivation -How to facilitate great team meetings -Dozens of tips for how to be a better team leader and manager -Daily tips for motivating at the individual and team level -Access to the Team Motivation Assessment and The Motivating Manager Planner Most managers and leaders believe that combining a group of motivated people will automatically produce a motivated team that will collaborate effectively and achieve team goals. “This is far from the truth” says Dr. Jason Jones. In his straight to the point book, 28 Days to a Motivated Team, Jones explains why, in a team setting, it is so important for a manager to build an environment that supports motivation at an individual level and a team level. Team building starts with understanding each person's needs and motivators and then building a plan to connect each person's work and environment. Dr. Jones asserts 3 key questions every person asks when involved in a team environment and when the person’s success is dependent upon other team members. The perception of each team member, related to these questions, will determine the person’s level of energy and focus for the team’s goals. 28 Day to a Motivated team is not just a set of ideas or tips, it is a 4 week program that will help you kick-start your team to increase employee motivation, employee engagement, and significantly increase performance.

EAN: 9780989471909

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