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HARDCOVER - BETTER!: Self Help For The Rest of Us

HARDCOVER - BETTER!: Self Help For The Rest of Us

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Author: Terry Lancaster

Brand: Ingramcontent


  • Better Self Help for the Rest of Us

ISBN: 0996978828

Number Of Pages: 200

Publisher: Terry Lancaster Emprise

Details: BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Uscombines the science behind habit formation, focus, and flow with personal stories about overcoming a lifetime of addiction, bad habits, and poor personal decisions in an unexpected and fun juxtaposition.

"A humorous, no-nonsense, suck-it-up dose of reality, this book makes you want to be better; and it does so without making you beat yourself up for the YOU of today!" - Stacey Lea, Amazon Reviewer
"This is a self-help book that's actually fun to read. I loved reading it, but more importantly, I love how easy the steps are for us to get better every day." - Joanne Eckton, author of Make Your Job Great
"The premise is really very simple, almost profound. It amazes me that no one has ever taken his approach to self help before." - Ron Morse, Amazon Reviewer
By giving up our pursuit of unobtainable, perfect, storybook lives, we can start taking small steps towards making our actual lives ... BETTER!

BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us shows how tiny changes to just a few foundational habits can cause ripples that reverberate into every area of your life. Exercise. Meditation. Focus. Gratitude. Nutrition. You'll learn how minor improvements in these key areas alter the very physical structure of your brain, making the next minor tweak that much easier. 

You'll also learn about naked yoga, why there's always going to be a little bird poop in the pool and how Jerry Seinfeld can change your life.

Yada. Yada. Yada.

EAN: 9780996978828

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