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PAPERBACK - Change The WorkGame: Building and Sustaining a Diverse Workforce


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PAPERBACK - Change The WorkGame: Building and Sustaining a Diverse Workforce

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Author: Serilda Summers-McGee

Edition: 001

ISBN: 1537340948

Number Of Pages: 128

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: Research shows that diverse workgroups are more productive, creative and innovative than homogeneous groups. In a global marketplace, and with the rapidly changing racial makeup of America, having a high function, diverse workforce is imperative for your organization’s success. Change the WorkGame has been designed to show you how establish a diverse workforce throughout all strata of your organization and how to sustain your progress. As a human resources executive, diversity and inclusion consultant, and a member of historically marginalized communities, I have experienced wildly unsuccessful diversity and inclusion strategies; and advised, coached, and led wildly successful diversity and inclusion initiatives. Business leaders and department heads have used the steps outlined in this how-to guide to successfully recruit and retain diverse talent. Chris, a small business owner, says, “the diversity recruitment steps listed in the book, matched with real life scenarios really helps bring to life not only how to go about recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, but why it is important.” I promise that if you follow the 7 steps outlined in Change the WorkGame, you will increase the diversity of your workforce within 6 months following the activation of the last step and you will increase employee satisfaction by enhancing your managers and the inclusivity of your workplace. Don’t wait to activate your diversity initiative. Don’t wait to make your workforce stronger, nimbler, more creative, and more dynamic. Don’t wait to establish an inclusive work environment where everyone feels respected, appreciated and heard. Be the person to take the lead towards Change. If not you, then who!? The workforce diversity and inclusion strategies and scenarios you are about to read have been proven to create positive and long lasting results for leaders. These strategies will help ALL employees inside your organization, but will specifically help you recruit and retain underrepresented employees. Each chapter will give you new insights towards enhancing your workforce and your workplace. Let me show you how to be the Change for your company.

EAN: 9781537340944

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