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HARDCOVER - Discover the Roots to Your Anger

HARDCOVER - Discover the Roots to Your Anger

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Author: Mark Chapman

Brand: Chapman Mark


  • Discover the Roots to Your Anger

ISBN: 1434388093

Number Of Pages: 108

Publisher: AuthorHouse UK

Details: Anger is one of our most dynamic and forceful emotions moving us very powerfully. Emotions are not good or bad; they are simply part of life. What we choose to do with these emotions indicates whether they become positive or negative. If angry feelings are suppressed they may never become recognized or named. This could lead to mental health problems. Anger turned inwards is the cause of many relationship problems. Anger may trigger anxiety. Anxiety may in turn produce anger. Just because you are angry does not necessarily imply that you have a problem. Anger is after all, part of a natural response that aids in our survival and helps us to protect others. Anger, can therefore give one the courage to protect our loved ones; it may warn others not to take advantage of us and in some instances confirm our own individuality. Anger can also be a healthy emotion, as it can lead us to take appropriate action. Anger can also help us to ‘make right the wrongs’ in our lives and to face up to our personal issues. Facing up to your anger can also lead to the contribution of positive self-esteem and enhanced feelings of self-worth. Anger does not always lead to devastating circumstances. However, left untreated, it can lead to psychological problems or can actually ‘exacerbate’ existing ones. As medical intervention can be an effective antidote for infectious diseases, similarly applying anger management strategies can be an effective antidote to dysfunctional anger and recurring resentments. Serious physical wounds need serious medicine and require the skill of a physician to detect the source of the problem. Serious deep-rooted anger also requires the attention and skill of a health care professional.

EAN: 9781434388094

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